Friday, July 15, 2016

PayPal Refund Adaptive Chained Payment

Refund Adaptive Chained Payment

Adaptive payments handle payments between a sender of a payment and one or more receivers of the payment. You are an application owner, such as a merchant that owns a website, the owner of a widget on a social networking site, the provider of a payment application on cell phones, and so on. Your application is the caller of Adaptive Payments API operations.

How to refund adaptive chained payment in PayPal sandbox account using API & SDK?

Step: 1 Login/Register in PayPal Sandbox Account

Step: 2 after login go to Profile page by clicking on "Profile" in right side.

Step: 3 Click on "API Access" to get API signature credentials

Step: 4 go to section "API Integration" and click on API credential & you can generate API credential by clicking.

Step: 5 on this page all credentials you can copy & paste and also use in you application to integrating PayPal adaptive chained payment.

Step: 6 Make payments as per your system with adaptive chained payment


Refund Chained Payment
Now start refund payment process - How to refund adaptive chained payment from receivers in sandbox PayPal account

Note: - A receiver can grant you third-party access to make a refund by logging in to PayPal, choosing API Access on the Profile page, then clicking the link to Grant API permission and selecting Refund after clicking Configure a custom API authorization.
Step: 7 repeat step no. 2, 3 to continue
Step: 8 on this page click on Add/Edit API permission

Step: 9 Click on "Add new 3rd party" by clicking on it will be redirect to "Add New Third Party Permission" page

Step: 10 on this screen you can able to add/edit your 3rd party api user name and granted permission list.

Step: 11 if you want refund adaptive chained payment then you required granted permission of refund from number of receivers and click on "Save" button.

Step: 12 now you can able to refund amount of adaptive chained payment from you application page and request to PayPal with required parameters as per refund API & SDK rules. And also including number receivers with mention primary receivers & secondary receivers. All parameters are valid than refund successfully completed otherwise return result with status/error message.

Configured API/SDK in to your application using following code & parameters

For a full list of configuration parameters refer in wiki page (

Adaptive Chained Payment Process


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