Thursday, April 25, 2013

Generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) : IIS 7

How generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in IIS7

  1. Open IIS(Internet Information Services)
    1. On the Start menu, click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Run.
    2. In the Open dialog box, type inetmgr and then click OK.
  2. See the below IIS window 
    1. After that you can find "Server Certificate" Under IIS section from the center menu section and double click on this. You can highlighted with square border.
  3. After double click you see below window and go to right pane under "Action" menu and click on "Create Certificate Request" (highlighted) in this screenshot.
  4. Enter the Distinguished Name information in the Distinguished Name Properties window 
  5. Click on Next button
  6. In the "Cryptographic Service Prover Properties" window, select cryptographic service provider "Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider" from dropdown list and select "Bit length"  "2048" from dropdown list and click on Next button
  7. Enter the location and file of CSR or Choose location using browse button near textbox.  After click on FINISH button
  8. You can find CSR txt file in your exact location and open the file and you can see CSR code between  ----CERTIFICATE REQUEST---- and ----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST---- 
  9. You can copy the code and page into online request form.


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